Selection of wallpaper to our new house

We agree, as you might remember to build new house! A dream project without equal… Since childhood I have dreamed of your own horse farm, with its own stables and paddocks outside the house. And now it becomes the truth! It is still barely dare I believe it's true. We have been a part of our process- we have chosen houses(svåååårt val),kitchen, the house has come and stand in place with drywall and other and now we would then choose the wallpaper too. In the stress we went 11 mil to Z-fold for on-site to see which wallpaper we could choose between. In one hour the whole house wallpaper determined- you may understand how difficult it was. Jag har redan ångrat litet och måste ringa och ändra litet grann….

Huset har 270 i takhöjd och i hela hallen och vardagsrummet är det öppet till nock- väldigt högt! Tapeterna blir ganska neutrala och enfärgade (litet väv också) men i köket drog vi till med new england-inspirerat mönster! Kul!!Inflyttning 1 Juni – soon to be!

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