Taco Casserole LCHF

Very good variation on the lightly cooked tacogratängen!

  • 400 g echo fried mincemeat
  • Tacokrydda -Own or FÄRDIG
  • 10 Cm leeks, chopped and milled with minced meat one BRK crushed tomatoes
  • 400 g Philladelphiaost placed in the bottom of the baking dish 1 dl crème fraiche spread on top
  • Add the minced meat on top
  • 1brk green chili spread on top & nbsp;
  • 1/2 yellow pepper 1tomat chopped and laid on top of the mince
  • 1-2dl tasty grated cheese strösslas on top of everything!
In i ugn ca 220 grader i 20 min
Eat with salad;)

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