Lax med tre sorters ostar

& nbsp; A dish with very good taste – if you like I like cheese!

4 portionsbitar lax
ca 10 cm purjolök
ca 50 g camboloza
ca 75 g gräddädel
ca 100 g mozzarella / Another grated cheese
1 dl creme fraiche
2 dl vispgrädde
Squeezed lemon
1 tablespoons chili sauce
A dash of olive oil

Sätt på ugnen på 200 grader.
Chop the leek finely and place in bottom of baking dish. Chop blue cheese are fine and distribute over / in fish ( make holes in the laxbitarna).

Stir together sour cream and whipped cream, salt and black pepper and dash of small lemon. Add the chilli sauce and pour the mess of fish. Finish with grated cheese.
In i ugnen i ca 20 minuter ( keep track so the fish does not become dry)

Very good!
Served with optional wok vegetables!

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